Meet the Jardim Pantanal community

The population that currently lives in the area of ​​Jardim Pantanal, in its vast majority is composed of migrants from the Northeast Region (IBGE, 2000), who in the absence of jobs, job opportunities and adequate housing occupied this area. Most of the houses are made of unfinished masonry and the streets have no pavement. There are also wooden shacks, with no divisions between the land in areas close to the Tietê Rio.


SOURCE OF ART: https://jornal.usp.br/tv-usp/moradores-do-jardim-pantanal-se-preparam-para-a-proxima-enchente/

The lack of basic infrastructure, such as basic sanitation and electricity, as well as leisure areas and schools, are characterized by a lack of compliance by the State with elementary rights to human beings 16, leading to an increase in crime and drug trafficking. , which has made the region a constant target for increasing urban violence.

Jardim Pantanal is administratively located in the district of Jardim Helena, in the sub-prefecture of São Miguel Paulista. Jardim Helena is constituted by a lower middle class population, with urban infrastructure (paving, schools, daycare centers, etc.) and by population from occupied neighborhoods. The data from IBGE and Fundação SEADE refer to the entire district, not portraying the existing reality with the area occupied in Jardim Pantanal. However, the data is strongly influenced by the situation of these populations. For this reason, the district of Jardim Helena appears in the statistics of the capital of São Paulo as one of the poorest and with a high rate of social exclusion.

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